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The AK-47 was designed by Mikhail Timofeyevich

Kalashnikov as a replacement for the SKS and as a rifle that could be used by Soviet tank crews.  In 1946, while working at the Kovrov weapons plant, Kalashnikov began work on the AK-47.  The AK-47 was accepted as the standard rifle for the Soviet Army in 1949 and retained that status until it was succeeded by the AKM.  To this day between 30 and 50 million copies and variations of the AK-47 have been produced world wide, making it the most widely used rifle in the world. 

The AK-47 is chambered in 7.62x39 and features hardwood furniture with a fixed stock.  The AK-47 has a 16 inch barrel with a muzzle nut to protect the threads.  The AK-47 features a stamped receiver with a non ribbed cover plate and magazine.  The rifle can be fired in two different firing modes; semi and full auto.  The AK-47 has a 800 meter leaf sight that is only adjustable for range.  All windage adjustments must be made by using the front sight.  The AK-47 weighs 4,300g and has a rate of fire of 600rpm.  The rifle will accept most synthetic and metal magazines, generally 30 rounds in capacity. The rifles effective killing range is 1,500 meters, and is generally not used for more than 300 meters.  The original AK-47 was not outfitted for the use of a bayonet, however the design was changed and a bayonet was added.  The AK-47 also features a hollow compartment in the buttstock which was used to keep the cleaning kit.

How to construct a clone?

The AK-47 is currently unavailable to the general public in the U.S., very few were imported into the country and those that did got snatched up by collectors.  If you desire a rifle that looks similar to the AK-47 we would suggest that you purchase a stamped 7.62x39 post-ban AK in the $200.00-$400.00 price range.  Then purchase a U.S. parts kit from any of our sponsors and install it in the rifle, tell them you want the wood furniture.  This will allow you to legally have a pistol grip mounted on the rifle.  You will then need to purchase a non-ribbed 30 round AK magazine from Global Trades.  

Photo Source: Kalashnikov Arms Catalog . Special thanks to: kalashnikov Site


 Quality: 8Posted: 02/22/01

Pros: The first of its kind.  
Cons: The rifle design was still new and had some flaws.  
Summery: If you can get your hands on an origional AK-47 snatch it up they are worth a ton of money. Submit Review

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