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AK-47.net: Type 86-S Bullpup AK

Type 86-S Bullpup AK

Type 86-S Bullpup

Type 86-S Bullpup AK


Caliber 7.62x39mm
Length, in: 26.25 in.
All Mags and Drums
Action Semi-Auto
Barrel length 17.25 inches
Operation Gas operated, rotating bolt
Effective Range 300 Meters
Price $n/a

Produced by North China Industries (NORINCO) and imported by China Sports ( Their Import/Marketing arm in the USA ), the Type 86S Bullpup operates the same way as other AK/AKM type rifles with a few exceptions. Many major parts interchange with the standard Kalashnikov rifle, either the AK or the AKM. It is believed that less than 2000 Type 86S Bullpup AKs were imported into the USA during the late 80's before being banned from further importation. Please send any information you may have on this rifle to webmaster@ak-47.net
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The Type 86S design departs from the usual AK-47 in the following ways:

1. The trigger-sear-hammer group is housed in a rear extension of the receiver, well behind the pistol grip. The operating mechanism is exactly the same as in the standard AK/AKM with the exception of a connecting rod between the trigger and sear.

2. The selector switch/safety is quite different than the sheet metal lever found on the standard AK/AKM. The Type 86S selector/safety is thumb shaped and located on the right side of the receiver, directly above the pistol grip.

3. The cocking handle is located under the carrying handle.

4. A vertical, spring loaded, plastic folding fore grip is mounted on the front of the receiver. When not in use, it folds forward beneath the barrel.

5. The magazine well is located to the rear of the pistol grip and will accept 10,20, and 30 round magazines as well as drum type magazines.

6. The rear sight is an aperture/peep sight mounted on a cam. Turning the adjustment knob sets the rear sight for 100, 200, or 300 meter ranges. Both the front and rear sight are mounted on the combination gas tube and hand guard which clamps tightly onto the receiver.

7. The flash hider is a rather strange looking device ( sometimes called "fish lips" ). The "V" cut into the right and left sides of the hider are designed as a wire cutter. Simply push the "V" of the hider over the wire and pull the trigger.

8. The sling swivels are attached along the left side of the stamped receiver.

By Chuck Oxier  chucko@mindspring.com

All data not obtained from the manufacturer was verified by at least two independant sources.

North China Industies, Firepower Magazine, and GunSmart.
Also all the great people on Usenet that replied to my posts.

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