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The AMD-65 was first introduced as a short barreled weapon designed for use by tank crews.  Since then it has been employed by Special Forces and Police around the world.  The AMD-65 is widely popular with special forces groups for its reliability and its compact design.  Very few AMD-65's were imported in to the U.S., most of which cost over $8000.00.  However, numerous clones have been constructed including full auto versions.  

How to construct a clone?

The AMD-65 is not widely available to the general public in the U.S., unless you have $9000.00 to spend.  If you desire a rifle that looks similar to the AMD-65 we would suggest that you purchase a used pre-ban AK in the $700.00-$1000.00 price range.  You will then need to purchase a AMD-65 parts kit and have it installed on the pre-ban receiver.  Please note that you will have to register the gun as a Short Barreled Rifle if your barrel is less then 16 inches in length.  Should you choose to install the kit on a post-ban receiver you will need to purchase a U.S. parts kit and have the folding stock and muzzle permanently attached. Your gunsmith should advise you on the legalities of the rifle before you build it.



 Quality: 10Posted: 03/29/01

Pros: Everything about this gun is awesome!  
Cons: Short range weapon and very loud due to the muzzle brake.  
Summery: This is a great gun if you can get your hands on one. The full auto versions run $9000.00.  New AMD-65's are being produced by U.S. manufacturers.                                            Submit Review

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