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a - Bolt Body              b - Firing pin           c - Extractor

1 - Recess for case bottom
2 - Extractor slot
3 - Guide lug
4 - Hole for extractor pin
5 - Locking lug
6 - Longitudinal slot for ejector lug
7 - Extractor spring
8 - Extractor pin
9 - Firing pin retaining pin

The bolt delivers the cartridge into the chamber, closes the barrel bore, dents the primer, and extracts the case from the chamber.   The bolt consists of body, firing pin, extractor with spring and pin, and firing pin retaining pin.

The bolt body has on the front faced- two cylindrical recesses for the case bottom and for the extractor; two locking lugs that engage in the receiver's locking recesses to lock the bolt; on top a guide lug for rotating the bolt during locking; on the left side a longitudinal slot for passage of the receiver's ejector lug ( the slot widens at the end to facilitate the bolt's rotation during locking.)  in the slimmer portion of the bolt body are holes for the extractor pin and firing pin retainer pin.  The firing pin has a striker and a recess for the retaining pin.  The extractor with spring extracts the case from the chamber and holds it until it encounters the receiver's ejector lug.   The extractor has a claw for capture of the case, a pocket for the spring, and a notch for the pin.  The retaining pin secures the firing pin.

Bolt DisassemblyDisassembly - With the drift or punch set, drive out the pin that retains the firing pin and  extractor pin, and remove the extractor with spring from the bolt.

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