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Norinco MAK-90


Calibers 7.62x39mm and 5.56x45mm
Overall length 35.1 inches
barrel length 16.34 inches
Weight with empty magazine 8 lbs 4 ounces

More MAK-90 rifles were imported from China than any other model of semi automatic AK type rifle from any other country. The model name MAK-90 stands for Modified AK-1990.This was because AK rifles with pistol grips, folding stocks, threaded muzzles and bayonets were banned from importation to the USA in 1989. The first AK rifles imported in 1990 after the ban were modified by replacing the the pistol grip and stock with a one piece wooden thumbhole stock. The threaded end of the barrel had a muzzle nut screwed on to cover the threads and some were tack welded on. The bayonet lug was ground down so a bayonet wouldn't lock on. The model name was ground off and the modified rifle had the new model name MAK-90 stamped on them. Some had 90 added to the serial number that denoted the year of import. The MAK-90 rifles imported after 1990 had the threads on the muzzle turned off and a 2 digit year of import stamped in front of or in back of the serial number. Some have a space or dash between the serial number and 2 digit year of import stamping. There were a half dozen or so companies that imported MAK-90 rifles. The importers company name, city and state will be stamped on one side or the bottom of the receiver.  Some had it stamped on the barrel between the gas block and front sight.

All MAK-90 rifles have stamped sheet metal receivers except for one lot of rifles imported in 1993 that had receivers milled from a solid block of steel. The two types of receivers can be distinguished from each other easily because the stamped receiver has rivets holding it together and the milled receiver has no rivets.

The MAK-90 has a larger diameter barrel,1.5mm thick stamped sheet metal receiver and the double hook disconector of the Ak-47. Other models of AK rifles imported from other countries with the same length barrel have smaller diameter barrels,1mm thick stamped sheet metal receivers, and the single hook disconector of the AKM rifle.  The front sight of the MAK-90 has a fully enclosed hood/sight protector with a hole in the top and a smooth receiver cover of the AK-47 Vs. the sight protector that is open on the top and ribbed receiver cover of the AKM.

The MAK-90 rifles were imported in cardboard boxes with a one piece styrofoam insert that had cut outs for the rifle and accessories. Each rifle came with (3) 5rd magazines, cylindrical buttstock cleaning kit, gas port cleaning tool, cleaning rod, sling and manual. The first rifles imported came with (3) 30rd magazines, bayonet and a metal piece to attach the bayonet to a belt. Most of these rifles had the 30rd magazines and bayonets removed from the boxes by the importer or dealers. This is the reason that the early imported rifles had cut outs in the styrofoam insert for these items.

The fit and finish on these rifles is very good and the trigger pull is smoother than other models of AK rifles imported from other countries. The only drawback to these rifles is the uncomfortable Chinese mfg. thumbhole stock. The grip area is real thick which makes it really hard to wrap your hand around it and reach the trigger with your finger comfortably. The addition of a Choate fiberglass thumbhole stock will make the MAK-90 rifle a real comfortable shooting rifle. As the grip area of this brand stock is much thinner and makes reaching the trigger with your finger very comfortable.


Written by JA  

Norinco Forums Moderator on AK-47.NET

Overall Rating: 3 AKs

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