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Stamped - The stamped receiver is produced by the use of stamped sheet metal which is bent into a "U" shape. Then a front & rear trunnion are riveted in place to hold the stock and the barrel assembly.  Stamped receivers are easily distinguishable due to the bump like rivets that hold them together, and their light weight.  Stamped receivers also feature a indentation on each side of the receiver (near the magazine well) which measures almost an inch long. Currently the only U.S. made stamped receiver is made by Krinks, however many people have had problems with the receivers dimensions.
Milled - The Milled receiver is produced from a 4 lb block of steel, which is machined to create a one piece receiver. The milled receiver contains no rivets and is generally much heavier than the stamped version.  Milled receivers have also been known to shoot more accurately, due to the increased weight and one piece design. The milled receiver does not incorporate the use of a separate trunnion.  Instead the trunnion is machined into the receiver and the barrel is threaded into the trunnion.  A milled receiver can be identified by the lack of rivets and the two rectangle like indentations on each side of the receiver, usually two inches long.  We are currently unaware of a major U.S. manufacture of a milled receiver.  



Poly Technologies - Are of Chinese origin, and are considered prized AK's by many collectors. Poly Technologies produced both milled and stamped versions of their guns. The milled version was called the Poly Tech Legend series designated AK-47/S, and was produced to compete on the American market. The stamped receiver was designated with AKS-762 marking.

Norinco - Are of Chinese origin, and are manufactured by the Northern Industries Corporation. Contrary to popular belief, these weapons were heat treated perfectly and both Poly Tech and Norinco weapons will last many years. Norinco manufactured both milled and stamped receivers typically in a blued finish. Their stamped
receiver had a number of different designations, most common being AKM 47/S. We believe that only stamped receivers made it into the country as pre-bans.  All milled Norinco receivers that we have encountered have been post ban MAK-91's.

B-West - American made, B-West imported AKs as well as manufactured AKs from parts kits. Their imported AKs are perfectly made as are Norinco or other Chinese arsenal weapons. Their receivers are the ones to avoid. They didn't heat treat the guide rails in the receiver, causing dramatic deformation after as little as 2000 rounds. Be sure you're looking at a B-West import and not B-West manufactured gun before you buy.

Cugir Arsenal - Are of Romanian origin, these receivers are well made.   The receivers have many proof marks and, resemble a soviet AKM with the Arrow-in-star marking.  This marking is similar, but should not be confused with the Russian Izhevsk arsenal marking

Sadu Arsenal - Also of Romanian origin, these weapons are simply from a different arsenal in Romania.  We have seem some poorly finished receivers and poor barrels in Sadu weapons, but overall, they're nice guns.

Hungarian Arsenal - Are of Hungarian origin, these weapons are some of the nicest stamped receiver AKs available on the market today.  Not many pre-ban weapons were imported, and are considered highly prized by both shooters and collectors.  It is believed that only stamped versions were ever imported, and were typically finished in black paint.  Imported by Kassnar Arms for pre-ban weapons and KBI  for post-ban weapons.

Bulgarian Arsenal - Are of Bulgarian origin, and are extremely well made by Arsenal of Bulgaria.  Only milled versions were imported in to the U.S. most of which are post-bans such as the SA-93, SLR-95 & SLR-101.  Very few pre-bans ever made it into the country, those that did got snatched up by collectors.  The guns that were imported into the U.S. were stamped with the proof mark of the "Circle 10" Arsenal.  The proof mark of Arsenal includes the number 10 in a circle, stamped on the outside of the gun.  These are some of the best AKs available on the market, and we would highly suggest purchasing one.

Source: China Sports

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