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AK-47.net: Hungarian SA-85M

Hungarian SA-85M

Hungarian SA-85M

Caliber, mm 7.62
Cartridge model 1943, 7,62x39
Length, inches:
Weight w/empty magazine, g 7.6 lbs
Sighting range, m 1,000
Working pressure 45,000psi
Muzzle velocity 2346 fps
System of operation Gas, Semi-
automatic fire only
Hungarian SA85M

The SA-85M is a Post Ban Sporterized AK-47,  & is probably the highest quality stamped AK-47 variant available today.  Unlike most AK's the SA-85M has an attractive look with the reliability of an AK. It has a black mil-spec finish, blond hardwood stock, standard 5rd clip, sling, cleaning kit and manual. It is stamped and has Post U-Notch sights, unfortunately it dose not have windage adjustments. The SA-85M fires the 7.62x39 Russian Round and accepts all AK mags The SA-85M is manufactured by KBI Inc and is still available in the US today however they are now  BANNED and can no longer be imported in to the country. AK-47.net purchased one of these great AKs before they were banned and to this day it still amazes us with its good looks, sturdy composition  and great groups.  

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The SA-85M has been imported in three different variants by KBI Inc.  The first of which was the Pre-Ban SA-85M with the standard hardwood pistol grip stock.  Next came the under folding version of the fixed stock rifle. When the rifles were banned a sporterized version was imported in to the United States.  KBI removed the flash hider, bayonet lug and pistol grip and  replaced it with a politically correct sporterized stock, making it legally importable.


Since the SA-85M is a post ban sporterized AK-47 it has many regulations and laws regarding what you can and can not put on the gun. One way to get around of some of these laws is to buy the AK-47 US Parts Kit   for your AK (about $175.00). By having 10 or less of the imported parts described in section (922r) you may have a pistol grip sock on your post ban AK. If you are interested in the US Parts Kit I suggest going with Ace Inc or First Son Enterprises. Another accessory that you may wish to pick up is a muzzle break which reduces muzzle climb and felt recoil. However the muzzle break dose have one slight draw back it increases noise while decreasing muzzle climb. A peep sight for your AK will  give you faster target acquisition and better groups.

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