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AK-47.net: Romanian SAR-1

Romanian SAR-1


Caliber, mm 7.62x39
Length, in: 16.33 in.
All Mags
Drum not allowed
Action Semi-Auto
Barrel length 16 inches
Operation Gas operated, rotating bolt
Effective Range 600 Meters
Price $350.00-$500.00

The U.S. made Romanian SAR-1 is Romania's solution to the ban on sporterized firearms that allow more than 10 rounds.  However they do produce an imported ten round version, if that is what you want.  The Romanian SAR-1 is manufactured here in the U.S.  Parts from Romania are shipped in to the country and then assembled with U.S. made parts to make the rifle U.S. legal.  Six U.S. parts are included in this rifle in order to comply with the ten imported parts law.  Being officially U.S. made, it allows the rifle to have a pistol grip and accept high capacity magazines. The U.S. parts are:  1) gas piston, 2) trigger, 3) hammer, 4) disconnector, 5) buttstock, 6) pistol grip. (don't quote me on this though).  The rifle comes PACKED with grease, a 5 round magazine, cleaning kit and manual.

The Romanian SAR-1 is a stamped AK and does not feature the cut out seen on so many WUM-1 rifles. The rifle also has the side scope mount seen on the earlier versions.  The fit and finish of the rifle is much like that of the older sporterized Romanians.  The rifle is finished in an eastern block finish that resembles parkarizing.  You will also notice the furniture on the rifle is miss-matched the buttstock tends to be light brown where as the handguards are an orange like color.  The shooting ability of the SAR ranks "good" among AK's. The Romanian SAR can reportedly obtain groups of 2 inches at 100 yards.  Unlike the Maadi MISR you do not need to buy any magazine followers or floor plates for the SAR.  The rifle can take ANY type of magazine legally including drums, thus you don't have to worry if you are legal.  We are currently looking for personal reviews and experiences with this rifle.  Should you have any pictures or personal experience with this rifle please mail them in. webmaster@ak-47.net
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Personal Reviews

"I just picked up a SAR-1.  After stripping and inspecting the rifle I can
provide some input regarding the parts.

First -- the unit was imported by Century Arms.  A tag attached to the rifle
stated that is was a Romanian SAR-1 w/US parts, w/original mag.  This means
that the rifle was provided by the importer to the distribution channel with
its original imported magazine.

A close inspection revealed that the following parts appear to be US
manufacture -- 1) gas piston (it is stainless steel, versus an original that
would have been chrome plated), 2) trigger, 3) hammer, 4) disconnector, 5)
buttstock, 6) pistol grip.

I also have a Maadi MISR S/A that requires two US parts in the magazine.
The Romanian gets around this requirement by adding two additional US parts
elsewhere in the rifle -- the buttstock and gas piston.

The rifle is parkerized completely, includes the original Romanian grips,
has what appears to be a glass reinforced nylon pistol grip, cleaning rod,
cleaning kit pocket in the buttstock, and came with a 5-round mag, sling,
cleaning kit, and side scope mount installed.  The barrel is not turned
down, but rather never threaded, and the bayonet lug wings are ground off.
The rifle's chamber and bore are chrome lined.

My observations are based on comparisons between the SAR-1 and the MISR S/A, and using the reference list for the BATF parts criteria posted on Wes'
board at SoupBowl.

All in all the rifle looks significantly better that the MISR S/A model I
have, mostly due to the Parkerizing.  Fit and finish of the SAR-1 seems to
be OK"

By GJ Barton gjbarton@home.com

"Dear AK-47.net,

Well...I just finished shooting my new US/Romanian SAR1 AK. For those of you
not yet familiar with this model of AK, it is an AK built on Romanian and US
parts. It has a Romanian receiver and barrel, as well as bolt/carrier and
forearms. The trigger group is US, as well as the buttstock. It DOES accept
ALL hi-cap mags and HAS that nasty pistol grip!

I ran 180 rounds of Chinese ball through it as fast as I could pull the
trigger. The sights are well-regulated, no adjustments needed. I also ran 20
rounds of East German "practice" ammo through it, shooting at steel plates.
If an AK is going to stutter, it will with this ammo.

I am happy to report ZERO problems of ANY kind with this AK. It functioned

So...if any of you are contemplating the purchase of a new AK, I can
heartedly recommend the Romanian SAR 1. It works...but after all, it's an
           By Jim shooter1201@hotmail.com


Century Arms
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