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The front sight consists of a rotating sight post. The front sight will allow you to adjust for elevation by rotating the front sight pin up or down.  Note: if you wish to move your point of impact up then you must rotate the sight down. If you wish your point of impact to go down you must rotate the front sight pin up.  If you wish to change your windage then you must drift the windage slide in the opposite direction desired.  We strongly suggest that you purchase an AK sight drift, it makes drifting your front sight much easier and with less marks.  In general any changes you make in your front sight must be made in the opposite direction.

Please note proper sight picture is displayed:


Establish Zero
The following procedure will establish a zero at 25 meters, and your AK-47 will be set with a 1000 meter battle sight zero. This means that all shots will be within a 16" circle at all ranges up to 1000 meters.

Establish Mechanical Zero -

  • Slide the spring loaded catcher down until the range scale 1 (100-meter) mark is aligned with the spring loaded catcher.

Carefully aim and fire each shot of a 3-shot group at a paper target set up at 25 meters. If your shots are not striking the point-of-aim, then adjust your sights.

  • To raise the next shot group, rotate the front sight post in the down direction (clockwise)
  • To lower the next shot group, rotate the front sight post in the up direction (counter-clockwise)
  • To move the next shot group left, turn the rear sight windage knob counterclockwise, or drift the front sight to the right.
  • To move the next shot group right, turn the rear sight windage knob clockwise, or drift the front sight to the left.

Continue to fire 3-shot groups and adjust the sights until you have a tight group at the point of aim.

Once this is done, rifle is now combat-zeroed all other ranges on the elevation knob are also zeroed, so to engage target at say 500 meters, turn the spring loaded catcher to 5.



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