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AK-47.net: Russian VEPR Hunting Rifle

Russian Vepr Hunting Rifle

.308 Carbine

Russian VEPR Hunting Rifle

Characteristics Carbine Version

Caliber, mm .308, 7.62x39, .223 or 5.45x39
Length 39.75" Full only
8.35 Lbs.
Special 5 or 10rd mags only
Action Semi-Auto
Barrel length 20 inches or 24" Long; Hammer-Forged, Chrome-Lined Bore
Operation Gas operated, rotating bolt
-50 to +50 C
Effective Range 600 Meters
Rifling 1 Turn in 12.6"
Price $640

The Russian VEPR rifle is a hunting version of the AK rifle built upon a RPK receiver.   The VEPR comes in two styles standard or carbine, both have the same assembly yet the carbine version comes with a shorter barrel. The rifle also comes in four different caliber's .308, 7.62x39, .223 and 5.45x39.  Each rifle has a special 5 or 10 round magazine,  high capacity magazines for this rifle are not available in the U.S. due to the 1994 crime bill.   Each rifle comes in a black oxide finish, a users manual, cleaning kit, sling, rod, 5 and 10rd magazines.  The VEPR rifle has the same reliability as an AK allowing it to work at temperatures of -50 to +50 C and in any conditions.  However the rifle also has accuracy, allowing it to obtain scores of  92 points out of 100 at 200 yards.  The VEPR has a stamped receiver, however the receiver uses thicker steel which is 50% thicker than the standard AK.  Furthermore, like the RPK, the trunion of the VEPR receiver has reinforcements on each side which are not found on the AK47.   The VEPR rifle also comes with a two stage trigger for better trigger pull and groups.  As an extra bonus the VEPR also comes with a pre-installed side scope mount. The mount allows for removal of the scope yet keeping the zero of the scope when you put it back on.   To see our receiver comparison click here.  For more information on this rifle click here  Please send any information you may have on this rifle to webmaster@ak-47.net
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Out of the box accuracy:

The accuracy of this rifle is truly remarkable for an AK style weapon.  Check out the targets below and see for your self.

     Target 2



Other Variants

The VEPR .223 Rifle are the same high quality as the VEPR .308. They will come with two 10 round magazines. They will be packaged without the scope mount and leather sling. These items will be available separately.

.223 VEPR

Robinson Armament
WebSite: http://www.robarm.com/
Email:  zdf@robarm.com
Phone: 801-485-1012

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