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This section is to help firearms owners determine who made their weapon and where it was imported from.  Below are a list of markings with explanations that follow. Please read carefully as some of the markings are similar in design.

<( )> "circle in diamond mark" (Suhl factory) East Germany/DDR
seen on E.German Makarov pistols.

: C : "shining C mark"  East Germany DDR

(K3)K3 in ellypse/oblonged circle mark" (Ernst Thaelmann VEB(*), Suhl) East Germany/DDR
As seen on German MPiAK74N
(*):(VEB is no trademark! VEB means "Volkseigener Betrieb" or  " people owned factory" ...so aside from "Kombinat"s,the "VEB"s where one common form of socialist production units throughout the whole GDR/DDR usually held apart with a socialist heroes name like Ernst Thaelmann)

11 "number 11 mark" (Lucznik/ former Radom) Poland

((10)) "double circle ten mark" Bulgaria
seen on synthetic magazines, rifle trunnions, bayonet scabbards, Makarov pistols.

((21)) "double circle 21 number mark" Bulgaria
seen on Bulgarian dark red synthetic 30 rnd AK74 mag believed to be overflow manufacture.

(25) "single circle 25 mark" Bulgaria
seen on black synthetic 30 rnd AK74 mag believed to be overflow manufacture.

//\\ "arrow in triangle mark" Romania


//\\"arrow in triangle mark" (Izhevsk factory) Russia
(arrow pointing upwards to the top point of triangle)
seen on Russian red/orange and dark plum (commonly referred to as black) synthetic 30 rnd AK74 (5.45x39) mags.

{/\} "arrow in shield mark" (Izhevsk factory) Russia
(trade mark...former bow and arrow)
seen on Izhevsk products like pistol grips, etc.



(/\) "arrow in circle mark" Russia
seen on Russian Makarov pistols.

* "star mark" (Tula arsenal)  Russia
(5 pointed, outlined star)
seen on Russian brown synthetic 30 rnd AK74 (5.45x39) mags.

/*\"star in triangle mark" (Tula arsenal) Russia

{*} "star in shield mark" (Polyany arsenal) Russia
(5 pointed outlined star in shield)
seen on RPK drum mags and bakelite RPK 74 (5.45x39) 45 rnd synthetic mags.

( * ) "star in circle mark" North Korea

(386) "single circle 386 mark" ( Polytech ) RPC/China
reported on receivers / trunnion of Polytech AKs.

/26\ "26 in triangle" RPC/China

/36\ "36 in triangle" RPC/China

/66\ " 66 in triangle " (Norico/North China Industries) RPC/China
reported on reciever / trunnion of Norico AKs.
reported on chinese origin metal magazines.

/416\ "416 in triangle" RPC/China

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